About me...

I grew up in Mexico City where I was exposed to homeopathic medicine and other alternative methods frequently used by doctors and other medical professionals. I would accompany my grandmother to the market every other day and make freshly cooked meals with a variety of vegetables and herbs. Lots of memories in the garden with her. At seven years old, I moved to freezing Chicago and faced a different reality. Western medicine was much more different, and things in the U.S were very systematic when it came to healthcare. 

In my sophomore year of high school, I started teaching for the "Learn to Swim" program and worked with ages 3-12 to cover skills from water orientation and safety, to advanced stroke techniques. I taught for three years in the pool and assisted as an aide for Rising Little Stars Day Care in Illinois. Working in these environments gave me amazing background and knowledge in childhood development and care. My senior year at the age of sixteen, I left work as a program director for WSSRA (West Suburban Special Recreational Association) and began working for a hospital in Illinois where I stayed for two and a half years. Soon after graduating high school, as I was preparing for my move to California,  I studied for my phlebotomy certification and PT aide certification. The two and a half years I worked at the hospital were very eye opening and changed my life forever. I could not in good conscience work for ANY organization that takes advantage of people and profits. When I moved to California, I was unable to find a job even with my two certificates and qualifications. It took over a year, where I was hired by Body In Balance Physical Therapy as an aide, I stayed for three years and transitioned my way into a therapist through massage school. I learned so much working alongside the physical therapist-skills I'm able to apply now in my own practice.  

In May of 2016 I graduated from the National Holistic Institute of Massage Therapy and officially became a neuromuscular massage therapist and health educator, and in September 2016 I inaugurated Safe Space Bodywork with my husband​. I am thankful for every person I can help and will continue to shine the light wherever I am needed.      

Mission Statement: Quality of life. How do you want to live your remaining years? That is my goal ; to ensure that through massage therapy and health education, every person leaving my studio can enjoy a better quality of life.