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*Lumbago (lower back pain)

*Cervicalgia/ Chronic neck pain

*Sports Massage

*TMJ/ pain inside mouth/jawline

*Muscular Dystrophy

*Sciatica/Chronic leg pain

*Scar tissue from surgeries



Are you ready for a better quality of life?

With over 8 years of experience in medical care on a variety of cases. I specialize in neuromuscular massage therapy for chronic pain and muscular dysfunction. Providing holistic modalities such as; kinesiology taping, ultrasound therapy, heat & ice, aromatherapy, combined with advanced bodywork techniques. This is not just a massage, this is a bodywork treatment customized to your needs. Sit, have tea, and tell me what your goal is. 

*All of our sheets are washed with plant based detergents only*

The massage cream I use consists of organic; raw mango seed butter, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, & peppermint+lavender essential oils, nothing else.

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